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Serge Pukhaev

I vector ScienceSoft’s fleet management software design and development.
Head of Fleet Management Practice,

With the background in mathematics and informatics, Serge started his career in IT in 1996. Having established himself as a professional software engineer with strong technical skills, attention to detail, and solid management capabilities, Serge advanced to the position of Project Manager in 2008. Throughout his career as Project Manager, Serge headed the number of complex and strategically important projects and developed a particularly strong expertise in fleet management.

At ScienceSoft, Serge continues to apply his all-round expertise in developing custom fleet management software as Head of Fleet Management Practice. He built up the company’s expertise in developing custom fleet management software and enriched ScienceSoft’s service portfolio with a corresponding service.

Serge also supervises some of the company’s key projects in custom fleet management software development, for example, the development of fleet management software for a leading fleet management services provider. Software has flexible architecture allowing for fast scale-up and comprises such functional blocks as fleet location, driver behavior, and fuel consumption monitoring.

Serge shares his professional insights about the peculiarities of fleet management applications in ScienceSoft’s software development blog.

Having no insight into your fleet flow is like navigating in the dark. Fleet management software turns on the lights, and you start seeing the connections that weren’t obvious before.

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