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Implementation of Pay-Per-Post Software with WordPress

Implementation of Pay-Per-Post Software with WordPress

Information Technology
PHP, MySQL, WordPress


The Customer, LaterPay GmbH, is a German online service provider that enables businesses to offer paid content as a service by allowing postponed payments for getting access to digital content.


The Customer required a cutting-edge WordPress plugin to attain two goals: help bloggers monetize their content through a system of micropayments and provide blog readers with a convenient pay-per-use tool. Thanks to the competence of its skilled web developers, ScienceSoft was chosen as a technological partner to implement this idea.


Using LaterPay's publicly available API, the plugin allows to set individual price tags for different content items ranging from 5 cents to 149.99 Euro as well as tune a number of advanced settings, such as dynamic pricing to change prices over time, default currency, teasers, payment buttons and presentation styles.

The main benefit for end users is that they buy only the content they are actually interested in at an affordable price and avoid long-term commitments associated with the traditional subscriptions.

In addition, using the plugin, sellers can gain valuable insights into their readers’ behavior by accessing visitor and sales statistics. The plugin also enhances a blogger’s media reach supporting social media, such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

As content access management is critical to plugins of this kind, ScienceSoft’s developers paid particular attention to ensuring the full text is not available to search engines and readers before a payment is made, while the respective teaser content is widely accessible. Moreover, the plugin secures paid content against downloading via a shared direct link. The management of access to content is further reinforced through a system of Roles and Capabilities reflecting the WordPress model.


The Customer got an advanced micropayments plugin for WordPress which satisfied all their requirements. The plugin requires WordPress version 3.5.2 or higher and is compatible with up to version 3.9.2. It is available to users in German and English.

Technologies and Tools

WordPress, PHP 5, Ajax, JavaScript, jQuery, MySQL.

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