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Development of Video Downloading and Processing Software

Development of Video Downloading and Processing Software

Entertainment, Media
C/C++, Frontend (JS, HTML, CSS), PHP


One of the leading P2P service providers that focuses mainly on music and video sharing.


The Customer turned to ScienceSoft to develop two separate products aimed at video downloading and processing. The Customer needed a program to download and play video files from video sharing services as well as requested a website that would allow users to edit YouTube videos using a big variety of video and sound effects together with images and text templates.


The cooperation started with software development consulting. Business analyst carefully studied Customer’s business needs, analyzed them and on this basis formed technical documentation that described all the features that products should have had to reach Customer’s goal.

Due to a well-designed documentation and constant analyst consultation, ScienceSoft development team managed to create products that supported all the requested features. The desktop app allows users to search, download as well as store video files from various video sharing services. Meanwhile the website gives an opportunity to overlay video effects, text, sounds, images and animation and then share personalized videos via social networks or personal account.

Continuous BA support on every stage of the project with special emphasis on its inception and elaboration significantly improved communication with the Customer, made it possible to keep requirements up-to-date as well as to coordinate work between designers and developers for a better delivery.


The Customer got two ready-to-use products that embraced not only working with exiting videos but also allowed users to show creativity by personalizing videos with various effects.

These two products considerably widened the Customer’s service offering as well as broaden its target audience.

Technologies and Tools

Desktop app:

Development: JavaScript, C++, Qt, STL

Analysis: MS Office (Word, Excel), Adobe Photo Shop, Balsamiq Mockups, Axure RP Pro.


Development: AS3, PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML, fl.controls, com.lowke.assetManager, Yahoo Astra Layout, FLEX (binding), Gtween, youtube API, google API, twitter API, Amazon SDK, jQuery

Analysis: MS Office (Word, Excel), Adobe PhotoShop, Balsamiq Mockups, Axure RP Pro, Sparx Enterprise Architect.

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