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Development of Software for Active Motion Workstations

Development of Software for Active Motion Workstations

Manufacturing, Software products


The Customer is a Canadian company that designs and manufactures innovative office furniture solutions. Based on the philosophy of non-exercise activity thermogenesis (NEAT) and non-exercise physical activity (NEPA), their active motion workstations bring healthier atmosphere into the everyday office environment.


The Customer wanted to create a user-friendly UI for user-to-workstation communication and to develop an application for tracking employee physical activity and motivating their physical activity.


As an experienced web development and UI design services provider, ScienceSoft was chosen for the task. They delivered software that adjusted the elements of their workstations guiding employees to move. The system ensured easy and fast transformation going smooth and under user control.

The solution also calculate burnt calories and controlled motor activity, offered its users fitness challenges and rewarded them with virtual prizes for health-related achievements.

A user profile system stored personalized settings, schedules of furniture position changes and activity information. To let users synchronize settings for different environments (e.g., at work and at home), the system was to linked Azure Cloud.

Users could interact with the system in both online and offline modes by using USB flash drives to upload personal settings.

ScienceSoft’s specialists also conducted code refactoring of the programming part of all devices within the Customer’s active motion workstations system. They implemented modern programming architecture that enabled:

  • Low-level operations with controllers Arduino through serial port.
  • Current .NET environment.
  • Online and offline synchronization.
  • API for activity tracking challenges and results sharing.


The successfully delivered solution gave the Customer product a competitive edge and significantly increased the number of corporate users.

Technologies and Tools

.NET 4.0, Microsoft Visual Studio 2015, Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), SQLite, Language Integrated Query (LINQ), Microsoft Azure Cloud.

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