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Mobile App Development of a Secure Document Approval Workflow Application for iOS/Android

Mobile App Development of a Secure Document Approval Workflow Application for iOS/Android

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The Customer is a high-profile IT company.


The Customer had a web-based document management solution and needed a highly secure complementing mobile app, which would allow registered users to approve the documents from their mobile devices. They turned to ScienceSoft and requested native mobile app development for iOS and Android.


ScienceSoft assigned iOS and Android developers to work on native app versions for two platforms simultaneously.

The document approval workflow app uses SSL pinning, which enables secure communication with the Customer’s web solution. To be able to log in the app, a user needs to have an account created in the parent web solution. If they have an account, they ought to verify themselves via two-factor authentication on their mobile device. First, they input their password, then a security code.

Once a user is logged in, they can see notifications about new documents in their personal approval flow queue. Before signing, a user can choose to take a look at the document log that shows the names of those who already signed the document along with the timestamps of when they did so.

A user signs a document by putting their e-signature in a designated area. To put an e-signature on the document, a user has to verify themselves again by inputting a PIN code and a password.

After the document is signed, it automatically proceeds further according to the workflow created in the web solution.


The Customer was completely satisfied with iOS and Android apps. The cooperation on the project continues, as the Customer wants to make the apps even more secure by adding the possibility to log in via fingerprint scanning or face recognition when using a compatible iOS and Android device.

Technologies and Tools

iOS: Swift 4.

Android: Kotlin.

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