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Development of a Mobile App for Phone Cover Stickers Design

Development of a Mobile App for Phone Cover Stickers Design

Frontend (JS, HTML, CSS), PHP


Abele Rossler, a German company specializing in software development, hardware development, software development consulting, coaching and trading services.


The Customer needed a solution that would allow its customers to design and order cover stickers for their mobile phones. The solution implied some build-in graphic and measurement tools to create a sticker layout and ability to send a ready mockup to a manufacturer.


ScienceSoft developed an online service based on CMS xt-Commerce that allows users to create cover stickers for mobile phones. The system contains various elements such as pictures, signs, fonts and others that can be placed on predefined frames to make a personalized sticker.

After the sticker is ready, the system makes an order and sends a mockup to the Customer, where it is printed and afterwards is sent back to the user.


ScienceSoft developed a complete solution that met all the Customer’s requirements. The solution allowed Abele Rossler to offer a new service on the market and improve its business. The released system has all the demanded characteristics and it was done on time and within the budget.

Technologies and Tools

HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery, SVG, Raphael JS, xt-Commerce, PHP.

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