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Personal Task Management Mobile App Development

Personal Task Management Mobile App Development

Wellness and Sports, Software products
Mobile, iOS, Android


The Customer is an ambitious US IT startup driven to help people to increase their productivity.


Inspired by the Getting Things Done (GTD) time management method, the Customer wanted to give the philosophy a form of iOS and Android apps but lacked mobile app development competences to do so.


Adhering to the agile methodology, ScienceSoft’s mobile development teams implemented Android and iOS task manager apps from scratch and successfully integrated them with G Suite – productivity and collaboration tools offered by Google. The app allows users to keep records of their daily agenda, thus uncluttering their minds from the task-related information, just as the GTD method suggests.

The main menus of the app are named after the GTD method’s major time management principles:

  • ‘Collect’ – all entries of yet unplanned tasks and goals.
  • ‘Plan’ – already organized tasks.
  • ‘Do’ – a list of the activities in a convenient timetable.
  • ‘Completed’ – finished activities go there automatically in case they were scheduled or manually if they weren’t.

The application also puts all useful Google features in one place. For instance, all meetings in the ‘Do’ section have Google accounts of the participants linked to them and the location of the meeting shown on a map.

The app regularly synchronizes all user data stored in G Suite. This way, if a user makes changes to their Google Calendar outside the app, the changes will be seen in the app as well.



Once the app was approved by ScienceSoft’s QA specialists, it was presented to the Customer, who was fully satisfied with the implementation of their app idea. Both app versions are currently available on Google Play and App Store.

Technologies and Tools

Android: Android SDK, Java, Google APIs.

iOS: iOS SDK, Swift 4, Google APIs.

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