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Development of Cash Back Shopping Portal

Development of Cash Back Shopping Portal

Consumer Goods, Retail


The Customer is a provider of lead generation services that has been successfully operating for more than 26 years.


The Customer conceived the idea of an online cashback service targeted at office and inventory managers and business owners. The service was supposed to help office managers order various goods and services (e.g. clothing, software products, catering, accommodation, tickets, etc.) on behalf of their companies, while suppliers of stationery and consumer goods, travel and catering businesses would win more loyal clients. ScienceSoft was chosen as a technological partner for implementing this project.


Our team developed a WordPress-based web portal and integrated it with the Customer’s other services using APIs.

From the user’s perspective, the designed solution works as follows: an office manager creates an account in the service and logs in. Then the service offers the user relevant products and provides links to the respective vendors and service providers, as well as the cashback percent - the amount of money that will returned to the office manager’s account once their purchase is validated.

The service users can also benefit from friend referrals and social sharing: as long as new users sign up on the third-party referral, the existing users are awarded bonuses for their purchases too. After that the accumulated bonuses can be either transferred to a credit card / online wallet or spent on goods for personal use.

A visually appealing design in rosy and pastel colors attracts the predominantly female audience of the web service, and it is intuitively easy to navigate.


An efficient 3-month teamwork of a developer and a designer resulted in one of the leading cashback services in the region that unites 200+ partners.

Technologies and Tools

PHP 5, WordPress, JavaScript, jQuery Ajax, MySQL.

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