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Website Modernization for an International Cloud Brokerage Company

Website Modernization for an International Cloud Brokerage Company

Information Technology
PHP, Frontend (JS, HTML, CSS), MySQL


The Customer is an international cloud brokerage company that focuses on aggregation, integration and customization of various cloud services.


The Customer was seeking to update the design and structure of their WordPress-based website. The primary objective was to create a new template for WordPress which would respond to the company’s new needs.

Also the Customer wanted to have separate websites on different domains for particular countries, yet on a single WordPress installation. The main website was supposed to be in the Customer’s native language, while some country-specific websites needed translations.


A default WordPress solution was used to create websites on different domains. Still, the solution allowed multisite configuration only by using subfolders or subdomains, not separate domains.

To create a multisite on separate domains, the developers used domain mapping that redirects requests from different domains to certain website entities. An interactive European map was also introduced to allow selecting a website language for a certain region.


The Customer received a properly functioning multisite system which supports different domains for websites on a single WordPress installation. To provide a better user experience, the Customer’s website design and structure was updated by implementing a new WordPress template.

website for cloud brokerage company

Technologies and Tools

PHP 5, JavaScript, AJAX, jQuery, WordPress, MySQL.

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