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Modernization of a Web Application for Real Estate Agents

Modernization of a Web Application for Real Estate Agents

Professional Services, Software products
.NET, Azure, Cloud


The Customer is an aspiring commercial real estate startup in the United States. They own a reliable and always up-to-date country-scale online database of valuable information about commercial properties. The web app can be accessed and expanded by any realtor who decides to opt in.


The Customer’s web app, developed by a third-party vendor, didn’t work as it was supposed to. The search feature didn’t function properly as it didn’t scan all entry fields. Data import from Excel files (which many realtors tend to keep the property information in) failed in case the text in the documents was formatted in a slightly different way from the required one. The application also had serious UI glitches related to screen resolution.

Moreover, the Customer needed to implement the Stripe payment feature in order to enable paid subscriptions.


ScienceSoft’s web development team completely revamped the web app’s functionality. Our developers resolved all UI resolution issues, ensuring that the design is fully responsive, as well as implemented deep search that scans all entry fields. The team also improved the Excel file import feature and made it highlight the irregularities in the initial Excel document, so that a user could know what exactly they should fix in order to import the file in the app.

To implement payment, our experts had to create a new part of the backend logic first so that the app could have two different user roles: payers and not-paying users. Both groups had their data access permissions set according to the Customer’s subscription policy.

After this logic was deployed, ScienceSoft implemented the Stripe payment feature itself, allowing registered users to subscribe and view more data in the app.


A modernized glitch-free app became more popular among users, who are now more than willing to pay for using it.The implemented payment feature is the core of the Customer’s subscription business strategy, which has already started bringing the startup its first revenue.

Technologies and Tools

ASP.NET Core, Azure SQL Database, Azure Cloud, JQuery, Stripe.NET.

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