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Football News Mobile App Development

Football News Mobile App Development

Entertainment, Media, Wellness and Sports
Android, Mobile


The Customer is a worldwide organization serving the interests of football fans, teams and players. The Customer organizes games and championships, gathers detailed statistics of players and teams and regularly posts game-related content on their YouTube channel and across social media.


The Customer needed a multi-functional mobile app that would address the problem of giving football fans on-the-go access to live game videos, breaking news and most relevant info about games and players. The app was expected to help retain current followers and win new audience.


Guided by the Customer’s vision, preferences and values, ScienceSoft’s mobile development team developed and launched a multi-feature Android app that gives football fans the broad picture of games, teams and players. The most significant features of the app are:

  • Live video and audio game streams including regular season and play-off games. On-demand and preseason games are available upon subscription.
  • Up-to-date info about players, teams and games.
  • Real-time scoring, statistics and charts for every game.
  • Announcements of upcoming games.

The provided content also includes collections of best game moments with links to the games. The quality of video adapts to the quality of the internet connection. Users also get access to trending topics, articles and videos based on breaking news and latest stories from players and teams. The content is easy to navigate and share. Using targets, users can follow favorite teams and track league and team leaders.

The Customer is constantly updating the app to keep football fans fully informed and engaged during the seasons and at the off-season time.


The solution helped the Customer to embrace new information channels and become more fun-connected. The app enables the users to get quick and easy access to the provided content and unites football fans in one interactive digital space with much to watch, read, share, analyze and discuss.

Technologies and Tools

Android SDK, Robolectric, Retrofit, Dagger, Retrolambda, Mockito, RxAndroid, XML/JSON, LoganSquare.

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