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'Mine Sweeper' Mobile App Development

'Mine Sweeper' Mobile App Development

Entertainment, Software products
iOS, Mobile


The Customer is a leading European publisher of web and mobile apps located in France.


The Customer needed a game for iOS platform analogous to a widely known Windows Minesweeper. The iOS users should like game so popular on PCs, where the object of the game is to identify all mine squares by revealing all non-mine squares.


ScienceSoft tendered its iPhone app development services and created an iOS app similar to original PC version that allows its users to exercise their strategic and logical thinking.

The developed app supports several skill levels, which allows players to improve gradually their skills. Achieved score is posted automatically to a Game Center server, which allowed users to compete with other players.

As opposed to other games of the kind, Minesweeper developed by ScienceSoft has an Achievements option that motivates players. It gives an ability to create various goals for players and reward users with additional scores if the mission is accomplished.


The project was successfully finished and delivered to the Customer on time and within the budget. The compatible with different iOS devices app soon became popular on App Store, which allowed the Customer to promote its services.

Technologies and Tools

iOS SDK 3.2, Objective-C 2.0, UIKit, GameKit (GameCenter Leader Boards & Achievements), Cocos2d.

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