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iOS Application Development for a US Sports Club Management

iOS Application Development for a US Sports Club Management

Entertainment, Wellness and Sports
Mobile, iOS


The customer owns a SaaS ERP system that is deployed in numerous sport clubs including ones that belong to the customer. The clubs serve hundreds of thousands of players across 40 US states.


The Customer needed to facilitate both internal and external business processes in the sport clubs with the help of mobile technology. They wanted to allow sports club property employees to perform some of their job tasks on the go, and offer the convenience of remote services (game booking, food delivery, etc.) to the clubs’ clients.

The Customer wanted the functionality for employees to be deployed on iPads and client-targeted features to be available for both iPads and iPhones.


Adhering to the Scrum methodology, ScienceSoft’s team developed two iOS mobile apps. Our specialists performed BA, QA, as well as completed the integration of both mobile apps with the end SaaS solution. The UI was provided by the Customer.

The application for club members

The application lets club visitors remotely book a game and all the necessary equipment for it from mobile. During the game, they can order the delivery of food and beverages to the play site. Secure mobile payment for all these services is enabled.

Moreover, players can log in their game data and have their scores stored in the ERP web solution in the ‘Daily Logs’ menu.

The application for club employees

When an employee logs in the mobile app with the credentials used for the registration in ERP, they are granted remote access only to the data of the club property they belong to.

The application’s menu lists available functional modules, including:

  • Areas – a list of playing fields, their descriptions, statuses (‘booked’/’free’) and schedule.
  • Accounting – an accounting management menu.
  • Partners – a list of partner companies.
  • Daily Logs – a history of players’ game scores, uploaded from their mobile apps.


After the app for club visitors was introduced to the intended users, the Customer saw a significant rise in food/beverage orders placed during the game. Players welcomed the option to place an order without having to go back to the facility and started making orders more often, thus increasing the Customer’s revenue.

The employees embraced their mobile solution as well. The possibility to access ERP from a mobile device helped to raise their engagement in the work processes and increase productivity.

Technologies and Tools

Objective-C, Swift 4.2, SwiftLint, Alamofire, ReactiveCocoa, XCGLogger, RestKit/Network, Moya/ReactiveSwift, KeychainAccess, Realm, Firebase Analytics, JTCalendar, CLTokenInputView, Crashlytics, Kiwi, Quick, Nimble, Cuckoo.

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