Development of Universal Integration Software for Visma Global ERP

Development of Universal Integration Software for Visma Global ERP

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The Customer, Amesto Solutions, is a Norway-based Amesto Group subsidiary that specializes in CRM, ERP and HRM solutions, as well as in software product development for e-commerce, logistics and manufacturing. The company partners with the leading software providers in the region, such as Visma and SuperOffice.


The Customer delivers Visma Global customization and integration services to streamline business of enterprises throughout Scandinavia. Thanks to the integration service, the end customer’s databases are connected with the ERP system, excluding the need for regular manual data transfer.

By and large, the end customers’ integration requirements were quite similar, therefore Amesto Solutions came up with an idea of a universal solution to automate particular stages of the integration process. The objective was to split up the integration process into two parts: the one carried out by a reusable service, and the other performed by an integration system individually designed for every end customer.

The Customer was looking for a partner to develop the universal reusable integration solution from scratch, as well as assist in integration for some of its clients.


ScienceSoft was selected to implement this project. Our expert in software development brought to life a service implementing a RESTful Amesto VAF API, which the Customer can deploy with minor changes to render integration services.

The delivered .NET-based solution works as follows:

  • a project-specific part of an integration system written in any programming language collects data from a third-party information system
  • the project-specific part sends an HTTP request to load data (create, delete, or edit) to the universal service
  • the service automatically synchronizes the accumulated data with Visma Global ERP

In addition, our team performed integration for a warehouse company, Amesto Solutions’ end customer. The .NET-based solution automatically collects order-related data from the warehouse information system at regular intervals, generates HTTP requests, and, using the universal integration service, synchronizes the data with Visma Global ERP via Amesto VAF API.


The Customer received a reusable integration solution that implements a RESTful Amesto VAF API, and is compatible with a range of Visma Global versions. The solution requires only slight changes to meet the requirements of the Customer’s clients, thus reduces the development costs and accelerates the delivery of customized solutions. Apart from enhancing integration, Amesto Solutions can benefit from selling the solution on a subscription basis to the end customers that implement ERP integration by their own efforts.

Technologies and Tools

Windows Platform, .NET, C#, Web API, Katana, OWIN, TopShelf, REST.

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