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Help Desk Mobile App Development

Help Desk Mobile App Development

Information Technology, Software products
Mobile, Android


The Customer is a US IT company founded in 1996 and currently focusing on the development of HR and help desk solutions.


The Customer had a web-based issue tracking product that wasn’t compatible with the mobile view. To address the growing frustrations of the product users – customer support employees, who wanted to work with the solution on the go – the Customer needed to make the web app’s functionality easily available for mobile devices.


ScienceSoft’s BAs performed the analysis of the user base of the Customer’s product. Upon its results, it was decided to launch agile development of a native app for Android to complement the web app.

The app has three main features:

  • Case management.
  • Case workflow.
  • A knowledge base.

When a customer support specialist receives a ticket, they can create a case. For the sake of convenience, a mobile version asks to input only a name and a short description of the problem to open a new case. A user who reported the issue can be linked to the case too, since the app is integrated with the company’s user base of the web solution.

The support specialist can first check out their company’s knowledge base to see if the problem has a standard solution. If it does, they can forward the information to the user who submitted the ticket. If the knowledge base doesn’t describe the reported problem, the case can be escalated. Once the case is escalated, the assigned support specialist can register and describe certain attempts to address the issue.

Each customer support employee can see any case’s workflow, the queue of unassigned tickets, as well as the latest activity of their colleagues.


After ScienceSoft completed all QA processes, the final solution was presented to the Customer, who was fully satisfied with the results. The development of several other help desk applications for the Customer is currently in progress.

Technologies and Tools

Android SDK, Java, Fragments API, OkHttp, Git, Atlassian JIRA.

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