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Ecommerce Website Testing for a Phytopharmaceuticals Manufacturer

Ecommerce Website Testing for a Phytopharmaceuticals Manufacturer

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The Customer is a producer of phytopharmaceuticals based in Canada.


The Customer developed an ecommerce website based on Shopify to make their products available for purchase online and wanted to validate it on both desktop and mobile devices. As the herbs and herbal products manufactured by the Customer had quantity limitations per order, the Customer specifically needed to ensure that these limitations were observed during the online ordering process.


The Customer chose ScienceSoft as a reliable software testing services provider. ScienceSoft’s team took on test planning, test design, and test execution activities for the project.

Test planning

At the start of the testing activities, ScienceSoft’s Test Lead created a test plan, where she outlined testing objectives for the project and defined the approaches to test management, documentation, design, execution, and reporting.

Test design and smoke testing

As the Customer did not have all-rounded, documented requirements for the website’s functionality, ScienceSoft arranged several meetings with the Customer to recover the requirements and performed smoke testing to quickly validate key website functionality. To carry out smoke testing, a test engineer designed and executed a checklist comprising 120+ checks.

Functional testing

In accordance with the recovered requirements, the test engineer designed and executed 150 test cases (including a set of test cases verifying specifically the adherence to the set quantity limitations per order) to test the website functionality in detail. The following website modules were included in the testing scope: signing up, navigating a product catalog, adding products to a shopping cart, a checkout procedure, selecting a payment method and making a payment, and finalizing a purchase.

The test engineer discovered 71 defects and reported each to the Customer via Confluence Jira. After the Customer had fixed the defects, the test engineer performed regression testing to retest the functionality in question.

The test engineer summarized the testing outcomes in a test results report, which she sent to the Customer upon the completion of the planned testing activities.


The Customer released a fully functional ecommerce website that meets all of the elicited Customer’s requirements and has the quantity limitations per order faultlessly observed.

Technologies and Tools

Application technologies: Shopify

Testing tools: Confluence Jira

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