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Development of Trauma-Related Features for a Care Management Mobile App

Development of Trauma-Related Features for a Care Management Mobile App

Healthcare, Software products
iOS, Mobile


The Customer is an EU-based care management solutions provider.


To make the client base of their iOS care management application larger, the Customer needed to extend it with wound management, health risk assessment, and patient fall analysis features to cater to more specific cases of care provision. To carry out the project, they were looking for a reliable app development partner.


ScienceSoft's medical app development team designed and implemented the following functionality for the Customer’s iOS care management application:

Wound management

This function was added to make wound treatment for patients with traumas more organized, visual and, thus, effective. After clicking the wound management tab, doctors can overview the list of a patient’s wounds under treatment with all the information needed: a wound type, time of the last wound check and a link to the patient’s care plan. Medical staff can add new wounds to patient profiles, describing or selecting the wound type, showing the wound position on the body image and adding anamnesis. Doctors and patients can also upload the photos of the wounds to record treatment progress using the wound measurement function based on AR (augmented reality).

Risk assessment

This feature allows doctors to assess decubitus risk, fall risk rating and pain rating for each patient. To add a new risk assessment rating, a doctor or a patient should complete a questionnaire to assess a risk. This function also allows systematizing data on the condition and health of patients in the long term. This helps doctors make relevant decisions about the care plan.

Fall reports and analysis

The feature allows physicians to build on data about falls that happened to patients to provide fast and accurate changes to the care plan. To add a new fall report, a doctor or a patient adds basic data about a fall, including date and time of the fall, location, meds taken before the fall, the fall circumstances, and more. Since the app can be connected to medical wearables, data about vitals at the time of the fall can be automatically added to a medical record.


The Customer received their enhanced iOS application, which helped organize care for patients with traumas in a more effective way. With the upgraded app, the Customer managed to extend the client base of their application and increase their market share.


iOS, Swift, Core Location, Core Data, Core Image, Core Animation.

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