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Data Connectivity Software Implementation for SharePoint

Data Connectivity Software Implementation for SharePoint

Oil & Gas, Software products
SharePoint, Cloud, Azure


The Customer is a company delivering software solutions for the oil and gas industry.


To satisfy the oil manufacturing companies that used or wanted to use SharePoint as a collaboration platform to share data across the enterprise, including multiple business applications and services, the Customer decided to introduce an extension to SharePoint that would allow for seamless and secure data connectivity.


Aiming to enable uninterrupted flow of data, such as documents, business rules, events, alerts, tasks, notifications, files with business scripts, and others, from SharePoint to several business applications and vice versa, ScienceSoft team made two key steps:

  • Implemented a WCF service that would act as a hub for data to be synchronized. Hosted in Azure, it would provide for better security, scalability and access from various applications and services.
  • Created several SharePoint jobs and complex Content Types to manage the sync process at the SharePoint side.

The software was designed to manage synchronization of several business objects, such as event/error logs, messaging objects, attachments, binary data and more, including that not covered by the standard SharePoint capabilities.


ScienceSoft's team of SharePoint developers provided the solution that now helps end customers benefit from workflow automation and smooth synchronization of data across numerous applications and services.

Technologies and Tools

SharePoint Server 2010, Visual Studio 2010, VSTO, SharePoint Designer 2010, Azure SDK

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