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City-Immersive Photo Service Development

City-Immersive Photo Service Development

Entertainment, Travel & Hospitality


The Customer is a leading European company that offers route-planning services, publishes maps, and supplies travel-related information. The company develops solutions and provides online travel assistance services via desktop and mobile devices.


The Customer needed a website to connect photographers and guides with tourists. They also experienced difficulties in entering guide information since their current system supported only manual entry of photos, addresses and other information provided by photographers.

The Customer wanted to upgrade their current system to make the process of data input automatic: all tourist information gathered by a photographer should be transferred to the website database from a mobile application. The Customer turned to ScienceSoft for website design services.


ScienceSoft delivered a new website that automated the following functions: camera-to-server photo uploading, synchronization of photo files with corresponding data sheets (addresses) and communication between photographers and managers.

The website visitors can now look up the places they need using a theme catalog or browsing the map. A venue page includes its detailed address, visitors’ reviews, interior and exterior photos, tips on nearby places as well as social sharing buttons.

Additionally, ScienceSoft developed a mobile app that provides photographers with an assigned electronic itinerary that contains information about the spots (streets, buildings) they should capture.


ScienceSoft delivered a photo service website that connects travel photographers and tourists, automating much of such manual routine as photo uploading, file synchronization and communication. As a result, the Customer could raise the popularity of its information resources and make data input more accurate and rapid.

Technologies and Tools

PHP, Drupal framework (CMS), TinyMCE.

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