Development of Chemical Composition Analysis Software for Charm Sciences Company, MA


Charm Sciences, Inc. is the world leader in food safety, water quality and environmental diagnostic testing solutions. The company’s test kits and systems for detecting mycotoxins, antibiotics and bacteria serve healthcare, environmental and industrial markets in more than 90 countries.


The Customer wanted to build their application from the ground up in order to carry out fluids and substances chemical tests on the go and compile comprehensive reports.


Once installed on the user’s PC or laptop, the chemical analysis solution connects to the Charm’s testing equipment through a wireless network. The system’s assays can detect a wide range of residues in muscle tissue, dairy, animal urine, marine products, water, food and more. To ensure a fast and convenient testing process, the system:

  • Backs up test results to the internal memory
  • Exports information to Excel for more convenient analysis
  • Composes and sends reports via e-mail or to printer


The Customer received a chemical analysis application to carry out fluids and substances tests. The system functionality also allows users to edit personal settings as well as send reports via e-mail and print them out.

Technologies and Tools

C++, Microsoft Visual Studio, COM, ActiveX, ODBC, SQL, MS Access