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Business Directory Mobile App Development

Business Directory Mobile App Development

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Android, iOS, Mobile


Austria´s market leader for local search and direction solutions. Besides this core business the Customer offers a variety of products ranging from websites for SMEs, high quality data for direct marketing to special interest products and products for search engine marketing.

The company has 75000 customers and 580 employees work in the Customer’s offices throughout Austria.


In order to strengthen its leading position on the competitive business directory market the Customer needed to increase its market share. As there is a growing number of mobile users the Customer decided to attract new clients and increase satisfaction of existing ones by creating a mobile solution for performing its main services. Therefore the Customer came to ScienceSoft to develop a mobile application that would provide users with business information about various companies in Austria, including route directions to its locations.


ScienceSoft created an app with intuitive navigation that allows users to find the detailed information about numerous companies of different business domains in Austria as well as people’s home addresses and telephone numbers.

To find the information about an appropriate company, users are able to set diverse criteria, such as city, zip code, name, business area or services. While using the app, users are able to find the following information about the companies:

  • Company name, business area and address. Users can choose the option to display address on the map.
  • Telephone number (by clicking on it you are able to call).
  • Web-address and e-mail.
  • Rating and reviews.
  • Company’s description, products, opening hours and other useful information.

Thank to GPS, a mobile device detects users’ location and provides them with the detailed route directions to get a company they need as well as help find necessary companies in the immediate vicinity.

In addition, the application enables sharing the contact information through the e-mail, SMS and social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter.


ScienceSoft team created a practical application that enables access from the mobile devices to over 3 million Austrian telephone numbers including the contact information of more than 300 000 companies. The solution helped the Customer enhance the convenience of its services and, thereby, broaden the number of clients as well as increase satisfaction of existing clients with mobile devices.

Business Information application was uploaded to the Google Play and App Store and found a broad response among users.

Technologies and Tools

REST API, Core Location Framework, UI Kit, Flurry, Social Framework

Java, Android SDK, XML, Android RPC, Design pattern, Eclipse, DDMS, ADB, AAPT, Hierarchy Viewer, sqlite3

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