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Development of Business Communication Software

Development of Business Communication Software

Information Technology, Telecommunications
Android, C/C++, Qt


A large Finnish IT development & consulting company, which specializes in software development and services providing for IP communications market, has successful business history with such a global market players as Nokia, HP, Sony-Ericsson, Orange, Optimus and Telefonica. The main aim of the Customer is to deliver fully integrated, highly customized and robust end-to-end solutions for consumers & enterprise clients.


The Customer turned to ScienceSoft to develop a solution for rich multimedia communication. The solution should perform under PC and mobile devices of various platforms (Android and Windows Phone).


Well-versed in telecom app development, ScienceSoft specialists created a complete reliable application based on Presence solution that supports IP telephony, video telephony, contact list management, multimedia sharing, push-to-video, and messaging (IM, SMS & MMS).

Communicator enables service providers to profit from launching rich services as Presence, Multimedia Messaging, Instant Conferencing, Push-to-Video, Music Sharing, and others across various device platforms and protocols.

As requested, the solution is available as standalone applications for Mac, Linux, Windows and as a mobile apps also for Windows Phone and Android.


In combination with Communicator PC, PC Enterprise, and Consumer Electronics applications, service providers can rapidly launch the best end-to-end rich IP multimedia services across platform and protocols and profit from both voice and data revenues. In addition, new services can be added easily through the SDK. Communicator enables device manufacturers and service providers to launch rapidly compelling revenue generating communication services in converged IP and IMS networks.

Technologies and Tools

PC version: Qt, C++, JavaScript, Boost, GIPS Voice Engine, QXmpp, SyncML, QJson, OpenSSL, OpenLDAP, NSIS

Android version: Java, Android SDK, Ragel, XML, Android RPC, Android Services, JNI, AIDL, Design pattern, Eclipse, Ant, DDMS, ADB, AAPT, AIDL, Hierarchy Viewer, sqlite3, Jprofiler.

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