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Back-End Development for Secure Sharing of COVID-19 Test Results

Back-End Development for Secure Sharing of COVID-19 Test Results

Java, AWS


The Customer is a private network of clinical laboratories located in the European Union offering a variety of diagnostic tests.


When the COVID-19 pandemic started, the Customer faced the need to automate COVID-19 PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) test processing for quicker identification of the infected people. They required a mobile application for administrative tasks automation to optimize the COVID-19 testing process, improve clinical laboratory capacity, and meet the market demand for PCR testing. To develop and implement the application back end fast, the Customer wanted to augment their IT department with a qualified Java development team.


Since 2018, ScienceSoft has been a reliable development partner for the Customer taking part in their various healthcare software development projects. When the Customer turned to ScienceSoft with the mobile app development project, we were glad to step in and share our Java development expertise.

The mobile application that automated administrative tasks performed by the Customer’s medical staff was conceptualized and planned by the Customer’s development team. ScienceSoft’s Java team joined the project to create the AWS Lambda back end that enabled patients to track their PCR test status and results by entering the personal code to the customer portal.


With the involvement of ScienceSoft’s Java development team, the solution was ready to launch in just six weeks. Fast team augmentation allowed the Customer to quickly gain needed expertise in Java, speed up development, and optimize development costs.

Technologies and Tools

Java, AWS Lambda.

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