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Third-Party Live Support for Web Applications

Web and Mobile Development Manager, ScienceSoft

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Intuitive design and detailed user workflow allow end users to quickly reach web application value they need. You may say that you have come across different user groups of those who get confused by digital interfaces. Although the number of such users is dropping fast today, we can’t disregard this category completely. Creating business web applications, developers and providers should take care of those who may need help from support staff in the first place.

Third party live support

So, how can web applications enable fast solutions of problems that common users face from time to time? It is worth remembering the traditional help system. Your web resource should have the FAQ section. Provide users with a detailed description of your system; explain the operation standard procedures; give some illustrated examples of how transactions are carried out.

Don’t forget widespread Pop-Up Tips that help users understand the functionality of controls, fields, and values. Presentation mode for the main application screens is a base practice.

Personalization is the main trend in the development of functional web applications. Sitecore CMS, Magento-based applications, etc., allow forecasting the users’ intentions. Personalized systems speed up the information search process and enable instant access to the required system functions.

And on top of that, you should provide users with an opportunity to get 24/7 support, by reaching out directly your support team or leveraging the capabilities of an automated support system. Online chats and live support features will be a good fit. For instance, onsite chat windows are commonly used by online stores, although they abuse this feature. But in case a user really needs help choosing products or getting advice, online chats come to consumers’ rescue. The onsite chat allows users to ask a question right on the page of your web resource. Support services staff understand exactly what problem a user is facing, what actions and on what page were taken before. The opportunity to continue chatting after page reload makes online support tools an indispensable part of any business web application.

Ideally, you should integrate a custom online support module into the corporate CRM system. However, it increases the development costs; and customers should carefully consider the viability of such investments. Large companies operating thousands of transactions opt for such solutions as they are reliable and ensure the safety of personal data.

Another way for you to add support feature to your web application is the third-party services. Web solution developers have various live support and onsite chat services options available nowadays. Customers can choose commercial, free, open-source, and CMS plugins for this purpose. It looks like a zero-investment opportunity for startup projects.

ScienceSoft has been designing and implementing web solutions for years. We have accumulated solid experience creating service applications and customer support systems. Below, we have prepared a comparative review of top 5 onsite chat services:

From the table below, you can learn about comparative characteristics, costs, and functionalities of each of five services.


The information gathered in this table proves that any of these solutions can become a valuable tool for your web application support system. It doesn’t require extra development hours and efforts to set up a proactive communication system: you can do it by using automatic scripts and a trigger system. The availability of ready-made plugins for integration into popular CMS and CRM systems simplifies the process of integrating online chat service with your application. Now it is time for you to create your cost-efficient business web application with a mature support system.

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