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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility - ScienceSoft

As an international software development company committed to act with conscience and ethics, ScienceSoft strives to create value for its customers, employees, shareholders, partners, and individuals in the community. Our Corporate Responsibility program has several focuses:

  • Preparing students to meet the global demand for programming skills. Strongly committed to supporting young talents and preparing university students for success in a dynamic and fiercely competitive IT workplace, ScienceSoft funds the opening of computer classrooms in local high schools, and hosts Agile Community meetings, among other activities.
  • Remaining committed to social causes through a range of programs. Supporting a local orphanage, we not only provide financial aid, but also do our best to improve children’s living conditions there. Our various contributions range from donating computers and providing Internet access to sharing movies and cartoons, organizing cultural and social outdoor activities, and just spending free time with the children.
  • Providing the employees with skills, training, and opportunities to gain global experience. ScienceSoft runs a knowledge-based business and constantly evolves employee skills in line with the market demand. We retrain employees and improve their competencies organizing their participation in workshops, forums, seminars and conferences.​

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