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Climate Protection and Energy Conservation

With the consequences of the human-induced global warming and other negative environmental effects of human activities creating ever increasing risks for our current and future well-being, climate protection and energy conservation are becoming an important part of the corporate agenda. At our company, we are trying to integrate environmental protection into our date-to-day activities.

As a part of environment protection efforts in ScienceSoft we are trying to:

  • Create safe and healthy working conditions for ScienceSoft employees and visitors.
  • Increase energy efficiency and reduce energy consumption.  
  • Implement modern separate waste collection and recycling practices in order to limit the environmental impact of waste and facilitate recycling.
  • Make the care about the environment a part of the mind-set of our employees.

These items above are made a part of the management agenda at ScienceSoft. As one of the examples of how these concern are being put into practice, a process of collection of old batteries, accumulators and light bulbs was put in place 2011. Employees are encouraged to bring such used items from their homes if there are no possibilities for a proper waste collection in the places of their residence.

As a key component of the energy consumption in the IT business is the power supply to desktops and services, the energy efficiency of computer equipment is a key factor in purchasing decisions. The replacement of the old servers with modern blade servers and a drive towards virtualization allowed to significantly decrease the amount of energy consumed by the server park in 2010-2011.

There are further policies targeted at reducing office waste, use of electronic documents in place of hard copies, promotion of the use of bikes instead of cars where possible.