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How ScienceSoft Handles Project Onboarding

In our 35 years of experience in IT, we have developed tailored onboarding processes for each cooperation model to ensure that all parties are aligned, expectations are clear, and the work can begin as soon as possible.

Project onboarding process - ScienceSoft
Project onboarding process - ScienceSoft

Here's what the onboarding process usually looks like at ScienceSoft.

For full project outsourcing

We start with a discovery phase to fully grasp your requirements and develop a comprehensive, feasible project plan. This document outlines the project scope, timelines, and milestones, ensuring our plans align with your objectives. We assign a project manager who acts as your dedicated point of contact to guide you through each phase and enable clear communication. Then, we assemble a cross-functional team equipped with the right mix of skills to carry out your project.

We use a structured onboarding approach that centers around your existing development processes and tools. The process starts with securely exchanging access credentials through encrypted channels or a VPN setup. Then, we conduct a comprehensive review of your technical documentation and infrastructure to fully understand the operational environment. Early in the integration, we configure essential tools for version control (e.g., Git), project management (e.g., Jira), and CI/CD pipelines to align with your development practices. If your organization lacks established development tools and processes, we will set them up from scratch to ensure a robust and efficient workflow.

We establish a communication plan that outlines regular updates, meetings, and points of contact between our team and your stakeholders. We also implement shared dashboards for project tracking and progress reporting, ensuring transparency and alignment with project milestones.

For dedicated teams

The onboarding process focuses on seamlessly integrating our professionals into your ongoing projects. We start by understanding your project needs, work culture, and specific skill requirements. Based on this, we assemble a team of experts who meet your project criteria perfectly. An initial kick-off meeting helps align the team with your project goals and processes.

Integrating dedicated teams involves setting up secure, remote access to your development environment, typically through VPNs or using cloud-based integrated development environments (IDEs) that comply with your security standards. We ensure our team is equipped with access to your internal code repositories, databases, and any necessary development tools, adhering strictly to your access control policies.

We set up dedicated communication channels for the team and provide them with access to your internal collaboration platforms. We adapt to your preferred agile project management methodologies, using tools like Scrum or Kanban boards within your ecosystem, to foster a unified workflow between our teams and yours.

For the team augmentation model

Our onboarding process is tailored to efficiently blend our talent into your existing teams. We begin by identifying the specific skills and expertise needed to fill gaps in your project. Once we match you with the right professionals, we conduct a series of orientation sessions to familiarize our staff with your processes, tools, and culture.

We prioritize a rapid and secure integration process. This involves granting our professionals access to specific projects and systems they'll be working on, following the least privilege policy to maintain security. We use secure tunnels, such as SSH or VPNs, for remote access and ensure our team members are onboarded onto your internal development and communication platforms under strict compliance guidelines.

Our augmented team members become part of your daily stand-ups, sprint planning, and review meetings to ensure complete synchronization.

For managed services

Our onboarding process focuses on understanding your IT environment and service expectations. We analyze your IT environment to grasp your unique challenges and identify the right team to drive your short-term and long-term objectives. We draft a detailed service agreement outlining responsibilities, deliverables, and performance metrics. A dedicated account manager on our side ensures constant communication and regularly assesses client satisfaction through feedback and performance reviews.

We install monitoring tools and management software (such as system administration and network management applications) within your infrastructure to ensure real-time visibility into system performance and health. We set up secure connections between our systems and your network, adhering to your security protocols. Our team manages and troubleshoots your systems using controlled and logged remote access solutions.

We establish clear protocols for incident reporting, resolution workflows, and regular updates. This includes integrating our ticketing systems if needed or adopting your existing platform for a seamless experience. Regular service review meetings are scheduled to discuss performance metrics, improvement opportunities, and strategic planning.

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