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Mobile GPS App Development

Mobile GPS App Development

Information Technology
Mobile, Symbian


The Customer is a leading supplier of navigation and location services for handsets and other mobile devices. The company provides a range of innovative services and products.


The Customer needed to support and enhance mapping/navigation software. The application was targeted to Symbian OS-based mobile phones and Maemo-based UMPCs.


Then ScienceSoft was chosen as a strategic outsourcing supplier of this project. A group of onsite lead developers visited ScienceSoft to transfer knowledge for specific parts of the product, project processes and clarified requirements for next iterations of the project. The system developed by ScienceSoft shows preloaded vector maps, indicates current position information from integrated or external GPS receivers, provides routing/navigation services with voice guidance. The solution also allows receiving actual information about traffic conditions and locations of speed cameras by updating data via Internet connection.


For four months, the ScienceSoft mobile team worked hard on development of new versions of the Navigator for Symbian S60, S80, UIQ3 and Nokia Internet Tablet (Linux Maemo). The last version of the product was successfully delivered to customer and was successfully adopted. The developed app is currently on the market and contributes to the Customer’s services.

Technologies and Tools

C/C++, GPS SymbianOS platform: S60v3 SDK, S60v2 SDK, UIQv3 SDK, Carbide С++ Maemo platform: Linux, Maemo SDK, GNU C/C++, GTK+, GDB.

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