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Development of Reward-based Mobile Advertising Software for a US Telecom Company

Development of Reward-based Mobile Advertising Software for a US Telecom Company

Telecommunications, Software products
Mobile, Android, AWS


The Customer is a US company that offers wireless telecommunication for those who qualify for the Lifeline Services. Subscribers, eligible under either a state-specific Program or income criteria, can receive mobile devices for free or at discount prices, and use cost-effective mobile / Internet plans. The Customer is financed by the US government and currently offers its services in 48 states.


The Customer wanted a vendor to create a multi-component reward-based mobile advertising platform. With it, they wanted to apply the Internet financial strategy to their mobile services: as the Customer would offer free call time and Internet traffic for every click-through on the ads built in the partner apps, the company will benefit from product advertising and user engagement.


Also, the developer on the Customer’s previous mobile project, ScienceSoft agreed to a very tight schedule and delivered the platform. The components of the final solution are:

The Customer’s App Store – allows to download a range of partner apps with built-in ads. The partner apps are mostly popular games, such as the likes of 2048, Mahjong and Solitaire.

Lock screen advertising – an ad on the lock screen tailored to a user.

Mobile Service and Rewards app – a dashboard where users can check how many points they earned for clicking on ads and exchange the points for minutes or MBs.

Data management and analytics platform – collects and analyzes information on end user behavior and tracks ads accordingly, tracks app installations / uninstallations, gathers statistics on app / traffic usage.

reward based mobile advertising 3 screens

All apps were developed for Android and can be pre-installed on the Customer’s mobile devices as well as downloaded from Google Play for free (thus promoting the Customer’s services).


Satisfied with the results of the Android apps development, the Customer’s CTO displayed his trust and loyalty by asking ScienceSoft specialists to cooperate in preparation of the materials to introduce the platform’s concept to the company board as well as to future clients.

Technologies and Tools

Mobile frontend: Android SDK, Android Studio, JUnit, Mockito, Espresso, logcat, UI Automator

Backend: Symfony 2.8

Database: MySQL, Amazon Redshift, Amazon S3, Amazon EC2, Airflow, Celery

Development environment: Docker, Gradle, Jenkins

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