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Development of an Admin Panel for Hotel Booking Engine

Development of an Admin Panel for Hotel Booking Engine

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Founded in 2001, the Customer is one of the leading European providers of innovative technologies for the hospitality industry. The company’s products range from hotel booking engines to loyalty program management software and email marketing solutions that help to drive business growth and brand loyalty for international hotel groups and independent operators. Headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, the Customer operates internationally with more offices in the UK and Italy.


With the goal to provide a more personalized back office user experience, the Customer was looking to introduce a new back office system – an admin panel – to its hotel booking application that would support instant and hassle-free changing of the website style (colors and fonts) for different regions. The challenge was to create a reusable module not tied to any particular technology for the Customer to implement it in other projects as well.


Adjusting to the changing project requirements, the team of ScienceSoft professionals experienced in website development service delivery employed Symfony 2 PHP framework and later Silex PHP microframework for the backend functionality and jQuery library for the frontend. In the course of the project, the team also delivered a comprehensive installation guide and project documentation.

At all stages of the project, the team ensured efficient communication for a smooth and transparent development process. This approach proved helpful: equipped with detailed specifications, requirements, and templates, the project team successfully overcame discrepancies in technical configurations while deploying the system to the Customer’s server.


The Customer’s flagship hotel booking application has been successfully updated with the new admin panel accessed and managed through the ‘Your Customer’s View’ section of the application. The solution now enables slicker, intuitive navigation and better user experience with a choice of different style templates to personalize logos, images, locations, and more.

picture 1

Before revamping: a screenshot from the project specification

After revamping: the app’s new admin panel with editing forms for the footer menu


Technologies and Tools

HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, PHP 5, Symfony 2 PHP framework, Silex PHP microframework, Doctrine, git, phpStorm.

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