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Mobile IPTV App Development

Mobile IPTV App Development

Information Technology, Telecommunications
iOS, Mobile


The Customer is a software development company specializing in IP-communications and providing a full range of services related to the design, management, development and support of IT and telecommunication infrastructure.


The Customer came to ScienceSoft, expert in IPTV software development, to create an iPad/iPhone app that would be fully integrated with an IPTV service of the Customer’s content provider. The app should provide users with access to various TV channels right from mobile devices without losing service quality.


ScienceSoft developed nice and intuitive app that allows its users to watch various TV channels from their mobile devices. The app provides its users not only with a high-quality video but also lets users look through program parade for each channel notifying about upcoming shows and programs.

The main advantage of the developed app is that in addition it can be used to download trailers and buy videos.


The Customer received a complete solution that allowed his content provider to offer a new service with rich functionality.

As a result, the Customer continues his cooperation with ScienceSoft having asked for further app support and development of its enhanced versions.

Technologies and Tools

MacOS X 10.6, XCode 3, iPhone SDK 4.3, UIKit, ASIHTTPRequest.

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