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Migration of Automated Patient Appointment Reminder Software

Migration of Automated Patient Appointment Reminder Software



A German company that develops and supports web-based applications for corporations, brands and organizations across the Europe.


The Customer needed to migrate their web-based patient engagement software that offers dentists reminding their patients about upcoming appointments via personalized texts to another server. Apart of sending text messages, the service also allows postponed delivery and notification on delivered / undelivered messages along with statistics.


Due to certain limitations of Customer’s initial web service’s architecture, our team of system administrators decided to tackle the migration challenge by creating the website’s complete copy on another server and then change DNS addresses.

To effectively support this project in future, ScienceSoft enabled data gathering through installing the Zabbix agent and additional scripts. The collected statistics allows monitoring service performance to:

  • Elicit and fix performance gaps
  • Assist in relevant website fine-tuning
  • Facilitate following maintenance.


ScienceSoft’s team of system administrators have successfully migrated the Customer’s web service, which allows dentists send their patients pre-appointment texts, to another server.

Technologies and Tools

PHP-FPM 7.0, MariaDB, NGINX, Zabbix, Redis

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