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Mobile Market Intelligence App Development

Mobile Market Intelligence App Development

Marketing & Advertisement
iOS, Mobile


The Customer is a British consulting company that provides objective analysis and practical, actionable advice to the technology, telecoms and other business sectors.


The Customer has online service for providing information and data to subscribers. To make the service more attractive, they decided to develop an iPhone app that could provide fast access to the content of the service from a user’s mobile phone.


ScienceSoft designed and developed an app that allows its users to read leading technology and telecoms market insights as well as see summaries of the latest published market researches and data provided by the Customer.

The developed app not only lets users read the latest analytical news but also provides information about upcoming worldwide industry events and gives detailed information about top analysts’ background and experience.


ScienceSoft developed an app that significantly widen Customer’s service offer as now analytical data is available not only on a website but also on mobile phones, which attracts new clients and widens target market.

Technologies and Tools

MacOS X 10.6, XCode 3, iPhone SDK 4.1, UIKit, Tapku library.

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