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Development of an Advertising Mobile App for a Fashion Retailer

Development of an Advertising Mobile App for a Fashion Retailer

iOS, Mobile


The Customer is a Belgian apparel and shoe manufacturer and retailer.


The Customer targets young people, therefore they need strong mobile and social media presence. They were looking for a reliable vendor to develop a mobile application for iPhones and iPads. The iOS app was intended to serve as a marketing tool for promoting new apparel and footwear collections, driving new customers to the shops and boosting Facebook engagement.


ScienceSoft’s team delivered a native iOS application in line with the Customer’s requirements. We introduced gamification elements to the app to make user experience more engaging. The application features several sets of functionality to let users view new collections of the brand and try items on a virtual persona.

“Looks” creation and modification functionality:

  • Persona modification – skin and eye color, hairstyle, etc.
  • Outfit changes – the customer can change shoes, dresses, trousers, coats, accessories for the character.
  • A look can be “liked” – in this case, it is saved as a “key look”.

Collection functionality:

  • Users receive notifications about new collections (from Facebook) and can view them in the application.
  • When a separate item is viewed, the name, customer comments and a link to a web store are displayed. Moreover, the customer can view a map with local shops that have the item in stock.
  • The user can add items from the collections to the personal favorites.

Facebook functionality:

  • Users can share their “key looks” in Facebook. The application allows Facebook authorization inside the application.
  • Users can look through the comments regarding their Facebook updates (e.g. likes, comments) directly in the application.
  • Users can post two looks and create a poll in Facebook.

For the convenience of users, we made the application available offline – all the changes are saved in cache and synchronized when the Internet connectivity is back.


The cooperation resulted in a successful delivery of the required mobile application.

Technologies and Tools

Objective-C, iOS SDK 4.3, Xcode 4, FaceBook API, Google Maps API, SQLite, Google Analytics.

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