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Development of an iOS/Android Mobile App for a Medical Imaging Company

Development of an iOS/Android Mobile App for a Medical Imaging Company

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The Customer is a US medical imaging company that operates in 800 facilities across 7 states. Recently, they started providing in-home radiology as one of their services.


To aggregate patients’ online request forms for house calls, the company uses a web solution. After receiving a request form, the staff should visit patients at their homes and take X-rays of the troubling areas. To let the staff manage these visits when in the field, the Customer needed to equip them with a mobile app that would remotely communicate with the existing web solution while providing specialists with time-critical information: basic patient information and address as well as a reason for an X-ray.

The Customer also wanted the app to be capable of taking high-quality pictures of patients’ documents (for instance, a medical report with a current condition relevant to the performed X-ray), allow clocking in/out and checking-in/out radiology equipment. Moreover, the app was supposed to have an independent view for physicians, letting them sign a completed patient visit report.


After the Customer requested native Android and iOS app development, ScienceSoft’s BA created a detailed specification of the future mobile apps. Once the specification was approved by the Customer, ScienceSoft’s UI design team proceeded to create native UIs for both apps.

The mobile development and QA and testing processes were launched right after the UI was approved. ScienceSoft used the Scrum methodology with two-week sprints to swiftly deliver the apps.

The final mobile solution offers two view modes: one for a technologist, who visits a patient’s home and takes an X-ray, and the other for a physician responsible for a patient’s further treatment.

The technologist view

The technologist view mode includes the following features:

  • Sign-in

All employees who are registered in the web solution can easily sign in to the mobile app.

  • List of Orders

The home view allows technologists to see the most recent unhandled orders. By clicking on any order, an employee can see the details about a patient (gender, phone, address, time of order, etc.). To accept an order, a technologist presses ‘Acknowledged’ – and the app shows additional fields (CPT code, extremity, number of images submitted, etc.) for editing the order during and after completing it. After the technologist ‘saves and completes’ the order, the form is automatically sent to the web solution.

  • Document capture/Uploads

A technologist can take a picture of a patient’s documents with their mobile device and the app will make necessary automatic setting adjustments to the image, such as crop and contrast/brightness, which are specific for document capture. All the images taken are automatically uploaded to the web solution and can be found in the ‘Uploads’ menu in the app.

  • Check-in/out

When taking specific radiology equipment for a patient visit, a technologist selects the code of the appliance in the ‘check-in’ menu that lists all the equipment available in the company. When returning the equipment after the visit, the employee checks it out in the same menu.

  • Clock-in/out

To keep track of time for each of their orders, technologists clock in and out at the beginning and end of every visit.

The physician view

The physician view mode includes the following features:

  • Order approval

By pulling in only specific, predefined fields (patient information, CPT code with description, clock-in/out time, number of images, and radiology group) from the completed order forms stored on the web solution, the physician view of the app creates a short visit overview for a doctor to sign. An e-signature is to be created on the first sign-in from a mobile app and continuously stored on the web server.

physician screens

  • Patient records search

Using the app, a physician can search for any patient record stored on the web server. Search can be performed by a patient’s name, date of an order or the name of a technologist who completed it. If the search is successful, the physician can see a specific patient’s signed order reports and all the related documents.

physician screens


Both apps allowed Customer’s healthcare specialists to effectively and conveniently manage their daily workflows. ScienceSoft is currently helping the Customer to revamp the web solution these apps are linked to.

Technologies and Tools

iOS: iOS SDK, Swift 4, RxAlamofire, RxSwift, RxCocoa, FHIR, AVFoundation, UIKit, Fabric, Crashlytics, Reusable, PDFKit, PDFGenerator, CoreImage, GPUImage, AlamofireImage.

Android: Android SDK, Kotlin, Android KTX, RxJava, Dagger, GSON, Retrofit, OkHttp, Glide Android, Android Room, OpenCV, GPUImage, PDFfium Android.

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