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Development of a Customer Portal for Globus Secure Privacy Browser

Development of a Customer Portal for Globus Secure Privacy Browser

Information Technology, Software products
PHP, Pimcore


Globus Partners Ltd. is a UK-based company dedicated to the idea of providing full anonymity and security of the Internet browsing to their clients. With ScienceSoft as their technological partner, they have created a privacy browser which works on all major platforms (Windows and Mac) as well as an iOS and Android app. Less than a year after the release, the solution has attracted over a million clients and is being used in more than 120 countries worldwide.


The Customer’s core product – the Secure Privacy Browser VPN & TOR – needed an online where end-users could find information about maintaining the privacy and security of their Internet presence, learn more about the solution offered by Globus Partners, download it, manage their subscriptions and payments as well as request assistance. So, in addition to implementing the product itself, ScienceSoft specialists also undertook the development of self-service portal for end-users – a Pimcore website to present and promote the browser.


Pimcore was the platform of choice for the project because of its flexibility and functional diversity which enable website admins to:

  • Create and manage SEO optimized pages with product description, features and so on
  • Upload and manage digital assets such as videos, pictures, graphics and text
  • Connect with customers through their personal accounts
  • Use the advanced toolkit to track the website performance and tweak it to drive more engagement

On the customer portal potential and regular client of Globus Partners Ltd. can:

  • Access comprehensive information about the Privacy Browser and data protection that it offers
  • Find the actual information about pricing options, discounts, special promotions and additional services
  • Create a personal account choosing from different login options (social networks or email)
  • Submit their questions and feedback or request assistance via the online chatglobus privacy browser

The portal features an attractive flat design optimized for small screens and portable devices. The website is currently bilingual, however, the Customer plans to add more languages to reach out to their global audience more effectively.


Within a month, the Customer received a live portal to serve as an entry point for people concerned about online data security as well as to cater to the needs of the existing clients. Thanks to the rich multimedia content the website also performs the functions of a marketing tool and an information resource as it explains the technicalities and advocates the importance and legitimacy of private browsing through multimedia content. Pimcore backend helps admins to carry out digital assets management to keep the content up to date.

ScienceSoft also continues to maintain and support the solution.

Technologies and Tools

Pimcore, PHP, HTML5/CSS

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