Citrix XenApp Modernization for ISP

Citrix XenApp Modernization for ISP

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SafetyComputing AS is a Norwegian internet service provider with a strong portfolio: from highly advanced communication solutions and consulting services to a wide range hardware and software. The company acts as a single access point for local businesses with demand for IT services.


The Customer wanted to extend functionality and improve usability of its infrastructure based on Citrix XenApp 5 and Windows 2003. The old solution was outdated, lacked scalability, had a low fault tolerance level and heavily depended on hardware.

SafetyComputing needed a strategic partner with strong Citrix XenApp, provisioning server implementation and migration experience. The Vendor was to deliver comprehensive assessment of the existing technical environment; to define strategies to maximize performance, increase uptime and improve security. After the project completion, knowledge transfer needed to be done


ScienceSoft was chosen among telecom software companies to meet onsite with the SafetyComputing’s stakeholders, perform a detailed requirements analysis and prepare a migration plan. In accordance with the plan, the physical servers were transferred to the virtual platform Citrix XenServer, which ensured a higher reliability level and increased system performance. Citrix XenApp was deployed for a better user performance and uptime increase; Citrix Access Gateway was implemented to improve security level for external user access.

Transferring to the new environment was done quickly, smoothly and did not affect end-users. Trainings and consultations were organized for the Customer’s technical service staff who would support the product in future.


The new infrastructure deployment helped SafetyComputing to reduce costs, increase uptime and improve productivity. The training conducted by ScienceSoft specialists made the migration easy for the Customer’s support team. ScienceSoft continues cooperation with SafetyComputing as a consulting company.

Technologies and Tools

Citrix XenApp, Citrix XenServer, Citrix Web Interface, Citrix Access Gateway, Windows 2008 R2, Microsoft AD, Microsoft PowerShell.

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