Active Directory Application Implementation for an IT Company

Active Directory Application Implementation for an IT Company

Information Technology
Windows Network


A professional Eastern European software development services provider with more than 100 employees. The Customer offers project-based software development as well as sets up dedicated teams and offshore departments for its clients.


Due to a rapid staff growth, the Customer was looking for a reliable partner to assist in IT infrastructure redesigning and rebuilding. The Customer’s executive team set up the following objectives needed to be attained:

  • centralized access management for the Company’s IT resources;
  • implementation of management and monitoring processes for employees’ workstations;
  • centralized software installation and maintenance.


The Customer decided to take advantage of ScienceSoft’s wide experience with projects of the same essence.

To offer the best solution that meets all the requirements, ScienceSoft team carried out the Customer’s IT infrastructure analysis and presented its recommendations.

Since employees’ workstations run under MS Windows, IT experts recommended deploying Microsoft Active Directory for assigning and enforcing security policies for all computers as well as installing or updating software.


ScienceSoft’s experts integrated Microsoft Active Directory with the Customer’s infrastructure. The solution provided by ScienceSoft profit the Customer with an ability to build up a solid identification\authentication system for the Company’s IT infrastructure resources. In addition, ScienceSoft team managed to ensure integration not only with Windows-based services but also with GNU Linux and MacOS.

Technologies and Tools

Microsoft Active Directory, Windows 2008 R2, Microsoft PowerShell, Microsoft NLB, Microsoft Cluster, Microsoft Certification Services.

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