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Development of Incident Management Software for Caregivers

Development of Incident Management Software for Caregivers

Healthcare, Software products
Java, MS SQL Server


A US company providing hospitals, ancillary providers and assisted living organizations with operational technology and electronic health record solutions to collect, process and analyze clinical data including patient, treatment and medication information.


The Customer needed a risk management module to expand their software for assisted livings. The solution was to help the Customer’s clients to create electronic records on accidents and notify care team members on incidents occurred.


The key entities under the risk management module are employees / visitors, medication incidents, accidents and residents. The solution includes the following submodules:

Medication incidents

This submodule includes information about the incident’s reason, effects observed or reported, patient’s vital signs, immediate actions taken and a specialist responsible. The system’s user can also input notifications to a patient’s family and / or care team members. The types of medications incidents are:

  • Wrong medication given
  • Expired medication given
  • Wrong dose
  • Controlled substance missing and more


Patient’s conflicts with staff, with other residents and accident events go here. An employee fills in the form to describe the incident, its location, its type, witnesses, injuries, vital signs and involved persons. The notifications to emergency, family and care team members are also available. Upon the creation of new accident form, the internal investigation starts to find the event reasons, people responsible and ways of prevention. The possible reasons for incidents are:

  • Aggressive behavior
  • Elopement
  • Alleged abuse
  • Alleged fall
  • Witnessed fall
  • Delay in treatment
  • Found on floor
  • Resident to resident altercation(s)
  • Resident to staff altercation(s)


With this submodule, software users can thoroughly review the incident occurred and undertake the necessary actions. The following functionality elements are included:

  • Notifications
  • Contributing factors (medical, environmental, resident)
  • Corrective actions
  • Resident follow up and prevention (assistive devices, fall reduction interventions, environmental modifications)


The resulting risk management module allows its users to create electronic records on incidents, investigate them and notify care team members to create efficient plans for accidents’ prevention and reduction.

Technologies and Tools

Ext JS, SASS, Java 8, Spring, Hibernate, Apache Maven, Apache Tomcat, MS SQL Server 2012

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