ScienceSoft’s QLEAN Named Finalist for IBM 2020 Beacon Awards

ScienceSoft’s QLEAN Named Finalist for IBM 2020 Beacon Awards

McKinney, TX – May 6, 2020 – ScienceSoft’s QLEAN named finalist for IBM 2020 Beacon Awards as an Outstanding Security Solution.

ScienceSoft announced today that IBM recognized ScienceSoft as one of two finalists at IBM 2020 Beacon Awards for the development of QLEAN.

The IBM Beacon Awards is IBM's highest honor for recognizing business partners that have created exceptional solutions using IBM products and services. Each year, IBM celebrates their business partners’ commitment to excellence and their outstanding achievement, and, for the first time, ScienceSoft has been selected as a finalist in the Outstanding Security Solution category.

On May 5, 2020, IBM formally announced all winners and finalists – including ScienceSoft – during the digital IBM Think 2020 conference.

From thousands of candidates for the IBM Beacon Awards 2020, finalists were selected in such categories as Hybrid Cloud, Data & AI, Blockchain, Infra, Analytics, Security, etc. Finalists and winners were selected by a board of IBM judges based on their cutting-edge innovation, excellence, and impact throughout the ecosystem. Together with another company’s solution, ScienceSoft’s QLEAN was selected as a finalist in the Cybersecurity category.

QLEAN is an automated, off-the-shelf tuning, optimization and health assessment tool that delivers a 360-degree view of IBM QRadar SIEM and conducts a thorough analysis of multiple QRadar deployment parameters including performance metrics, quality of incoming data and system settings. QLEAN provides a detailed QRadar health check report and actionable recommendations for any necessary fixes and enhancements.

QLEAN is officially an IBM Validated Solution that complements the IBM Security Intelligence portfolio. ScienceSoft’s QLEAN provides enhanced functionality to optimize IBM QRadar owners' TCO and accelerate ROI. Global clients include Fortune 500, The Forbes Global 2000, TOP 10 MSSPs, Government and Law Enforcement who benefit from QLEAN's integration with QRadar to address the following QRadar SIEM self-audit and reporting needs:

  • Continuous health check via daily snapshots with reports on over 50 advanced metrics.
  • Fast and easy way of pinpointing functionality issues.
  • Health marker dashboards with tuning & remediation suggestions.
  • Advanced drill-down & filtering functionality for investigation and reporting purposes.
  • Custom on-demand features (multi-deployment architecture for MSSPs, executive reports, etc.).

“We are truly honored to be selected by IBM for our commitment to innovate within the cybersecurity space,” said Nastassia Pryhunova, Security Solutions Manager at ScienceSoft. “This recognition is a perfect representation of the hard work and remarkable dedication of the entire ScienceSoft’s QLEAN team. They had the courage and skills to start this venture almost a decade ago, which has led up to the development of a solution that provides a single pane of glass and advanced visibility into the QRadar platform performance and helps remediate gaps. Congratulations and a huge ‘thank you!’ to everyone at IBM Security Expert Labs and at ScienceSoft, who contributed to this massive effort. QLEAN helps clients justify staying on QRadar, especially in light of aggressive competition. Clients who need a tool to extract more value out of QRadar SIEM and ensure excellent data quality and network coverage find QLEAN essential for maintaining their solid security posture and compliance audit readiness.”

“We at ScienceSoft are extremely proud to be receiving such an important recognition. Nothing motivates us more than this genuine acclaim and rapturous feedback from our clients, partners and subject-matter experts who think QLEAN to be an essential part of any QRadar deployment. QLEAN is really crafted to analyze the scene and is a highly specialized QRadar-centric tool that adds massive value to any QRadar deployment out there. QLEAN automates QRadar health checks, simplifies tuning, and removes noise and false positives, thus helping prepare QRadar deployments for IBM Watson, IBM UBA and IBM Resilient, which makes QLEAN a critical component in the overall IBM Security Strategy,” says Pavel Sayenka, QLEAN Technology Leader at ScienceSoft. “We are certain that this nomination will inspire us to keep improving our products even further. We are grateful to the IBM Beacon Awards committee for the recognition we’ve received for our work. And special thanks to our partners and the QRadar user community for giving us the right direction to better suit the needs and demands of the cybersecurity domain. And an enormous salute to all my colleagues who’ve made incredible contributions to make this happen tonight.”

About ScienceSoft

ScienceSoft specializes in custom software development and cybersecurity. Our SIEM consultancy unit has been offering QRadar professional services as well as various QRadar tools on demand for over a decade. ScienceSoft’s portfolio of advanced QRadar apps called the QLEAN Suite includes QLEAN, QSM, QTOR, QVTI, QMEA, and QDATA. All of these applications are available on IBM App Exchange.

QLEAN saves about 300 hours of admin time per year on average. You are welcome to check QLEAN capabilities with a free trial available.