Tanya Yablonskaya

I vector an ecommerce marketing strategy at ScienceSoft.
Ecommerce Industry Analyst,

Within the marketing team of ScienceSoft, Tanya drives an ecommerce strategic direction and nurtures the company’s value proposition. Currently, she is involved in shaping a long-term service vision that is differentiated and delivers unique value to ScienceSoft’s clients. Her close cooperation with sales, business analysis and development departments has already driven the interest in and the resulting quality of the company’s ecommerce-related services.

The cornerstone of the strategy is to build on vast competencies accumulated by the team around ecommerce implementations and think beyond a digital customer journey but expand to end-to-end customer experience. The value the company translates now is a real possibility to unlock opportunities to build better customer experience and sell more with each customer interaction.

As part of the service promotion strategy, Tanya owns the company’s blog dedicated to ecommerce. There, she unveils the latest ecommerce trends, voices her insights and imparts the team background earned on the implemented projects.

Today, ecommerce success stories are built through customer experience.

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