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Health outcomes analytics: Opportunities and gaps

Maryia Danko

Maryia Danko

Maryia Danko

Maryia Danko

Maryia Danko is a marketing specialist at ScienceSoft, a software development and consulting company headquartered in McKinney, Texas. With 7+ years of her marketing and sales experience, Maryia successfully blends analytical skills and visual thinking to create fact-based and concise infographics resting on in-depth research of the IT solution market.


To analyze patients’ health outcomes is a major step on the way to improving them. Yet, a variety of equally reputable sources provides different views, angles and approaches to both measurement and analysis. To help providers navigate this overwhelming amount of conflicting information, we have created the following infographic on the opportunities and gaps in healthcare data analytics on patients’ outcomes.

The topics we covered include:

  • Reasons to go with measuring outcomes
  • CMS driving the transition to value-based care and payments
  • Health outcomes challenges that may hit caregivers
  • The level of measurement coverage for different diseases and conditions
  • Outcome measures beyond admission, readmission and mortality
  • Availability of integrated healthcare IT systems applicable to outcomes analytics

Health outcomes analytics - Infographic



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