Advanced Retail Reporting and Analytics

Advanced retail analytics services - ScienceSoft

Retail companies have to constantly struggle with larger competitors for consumer and brands. The way to a bigger market share involves average purchase value increase, vendor selection optimization and even putting business to omni-channel rails.

We can help retail companies take the guesswork and uncertainty out of these challenges in affordable but sharp way, and so help to increase revenue and profitability.

  • Demand forecasting for particular products and brands
  • Consumer basket analysis
  • Customer segmentation
  • Promotion modelling
  • Category management and product assortment selection
  • Store clustering and price zone definition
  • Competition analysis


ScienceSoft provides comprehensive modelling and advanced data analysis to help retailers find fast and accurate answers to their business questions.

  • Complex predictive models for products, prices, regions, stores, etc.
  • Statistical models to manage risks
  • Machine learning algorithms and methods for improved merchandising
  • Video / behavior pattern recognition to reveal shoplifters
  • Decision support methods for optimum assortment and shop development strategy


We build clear and intuitive reports (using Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, MicroStrategy, QlikView, Kyubit BI, Sisense, Oracle BI, Microsoft PowerPivot, Microsoft PowerView and other technologies) to help you understand current position and provide information for further improvements.

  • Performance reports by channel, division, region, store, department, product category or brand.
  • Comparison reports on brands and SKUs
  • Optimization reports on sales and item movement data. Help understand demand, optimize staffing levels, and improve inventory turn, etc.


We offer high-grade infrastructure services from hardware consulting and selling software licenses to data warehouse creation.

  • Data warehouse development
  • Data integration from distributed data sources
  • ETL and data cleansing
  • Developing OLAP and ROLAP systems
  • Very large database
  • Data replication between store and headquarter
  • Implementation of data security solutions
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