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ScienceSoft will automate testing process in your project saving your precious time. Combining 16 years of experience in test automation with efficient tools and techniques, we provide quality automated testing services.


Standalone test automation services

Standalone test automation

Automated software testing as a part of software testing

Automated testing as a part of comprehensive software testing

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Automated software testing: Is it feasible?

Introduced prematurely, test automation may only increase cost in terms of time, effort and money. Therefore, we propose to start with a feasibility study.

Automation feasibility study considers:

  • Application functionality
  • Application maturity and stability
  • Minimal automation percentage that we can provide for your application

We will then propose an optimal approach to automation in your project and describe expected benefits in numbers.

Test automation services with ScienceSoft: Benefits

High coverage

High coverage. Though we rely on feasibility study, we always aim to reach automation coverage you set (up to 80%).

Customer-friendly format

Customer-friendly format. Applying keyword-driven approach, we present test cases and expected results as text records in a table or spreadsheet. This customer-friendly format offers several benefits:

  • Clear view of test coverage
  • No need for programming skills to understand the quality of test cases
  • Easy control over testing process for a PM

Broad scope

Broad scope. We develop scripts for both regression testing and new functionality.

Seamless integration

Seamless integration. We make automated tests an integral part of your continuous delivery system/build automation process.

Efficient communication

Efficient communication. We openly communicate with BAs, developers and manual testers to fully understand your requirements and priorities and ensure comprehensive automated testing process.

Training options. We offer training for your testing team to ensure automated test support throughout the project lifecycle.

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With over 16 years in automated testing, ScienceSoft offers professional team to ensure quality and reliability of your software. Our testers have ample experience with the following tools:

  • Selenium
  • Microsoft Coded UI Tests
  • Appium
  • Ranorex
  • Robot Framework
  • Calabash
  • HP QuickTest Pro
  • UIAutomator
  • XCUITest
  • fMBT
  • TestComplete 

Automated testing tools

We are ready to use other tools of your choice. We provide Proof of Concept to demonstrate our competence in using the tool (tools) you provide.

What we test

  • Web, mobile and desktop applications
  • Applications developed from scratch
  • Platform-based applications based on SharePoint, Salesforce, Dynamics 365, ServiceNow, etc.)
  • Transaction-oriented applications and BI and data analytics solutions
  • Applications with strict security requirements (HIPAA compliance, PCI DSS)
  • Applications requiring high-level integration to other applications (CRM, ERP, SCM, BPM, etc.


  • No written requirements. We seamlessly communicate with the rest of the project team and perform exploratory testing based on experience we have in the domain.
  • Changing requirements that may affect multiple test cases (scripts). To provide efficient automated testing services, we follow good practices for script maintenance, which allows us to modify internal keywords/actions without involving test scripts directly.
  • Large volume of regression testing to be covered quickly. We select the application areas that are most efficient to automate.
  • Large volume of test data. We address this challenge with the help of efficient all-round strategy:
    • We apply data-driven approach to cover large volume of different types of test data.
    • We use various data management tools that help streamline test data storage and avoid time-crunches.

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