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Test automation services include implementation of a wide set of testing and around-testing components – from test automation planning and tool selection to the construction and maintenance of a test automation environment, implementation of automated test data preparation, design and maintenance of all types of automated test scripts and more.

Our dedicated test automation engineers use their experience in automated UI, API, performance testing with only trusted test automation tools empowering businesses to accelerate releases while increasing regression testing coverage and finding more defects before production.

Get Away from Slow Releases and Defects Found in Production
Our test automation engineers will put your testing on the automation footing to find more defects in less time.

Why Top Enterprises Entrust Test Automation to ScienceSoft?

The IMAAT Approach: Integrated Manual and Automated Testing

In test automation services, we follow an original approach that unifies automated tests along with manual software testing.

Learn about the IMAAT approach

The IMAAT approach resides in a powerful combination of automated (to free test automation engineers from regression testing) and manual tests (for exploratory, usability or ad-hoc testing). The methodology allows ensuring the high level of test flexibility and responsiveness and increase test quality in the context of agile development and the DevOps culture.

Integrated manual and automated testing approach - ScienceSoft


Moreover, the hallmarks of our services are:

ISTQB certification of testing engineers

  • 30 years in software testing services and 17 years in QA consulting services.
  • Quick ramp-up and delivery of first substantial service results in 3 months.
  • In-house testing center of excellence.
  • ISO 13485 certification.
  • Consistent employee assessment and development.
  • Testers with both test design and technical expertise to understand and work closely with development teams.
  • Account managers with strong experience in maintaining long-term cooperation.

Our Test Automation Offering

We offer a complete set of services to implement an advanced and comprehensive test automation solution:

Test automation strategy development

Taking into account software requirements, development, QA and deployment processes, we build a holistic test automation strategy or an entire test strategy with test automation roadmap as its core. As a part of this, we:

  • Define the automation scope.
  • Decide on the levels of testing to employ, testing tool and test automation architecture that will bring maximum ROI.
  • Plan test data preparation, test design and development, test maintenance, integration of test automation into CI/CD, etc.
  • Help to align the test automation strategy to the application evolution and business strategies.
Test environment setup and configuration

We prepare the right test environment to smoothly run test cases for all targeted platforms, devices and browsers and ensure appropriate resource monitoring.

Automated test data generation

We set up automated preparation of structured and comprehensive data input and output combinations for both automated tests and manual tests.

Automated UI testing (using Selenium, Appium, Protractor and other)

We plan and design test cases, write and maintain scripts for robust and reliable automated checks of new features and regression testing via UI.

  • Our test architects design agile test architecture that allows for better test reuse and test maintenance even in case of frequent changes in UI layout and functionality.
  • Our test automation engineers create re-usable high-level application-specific libraries to reduce testing time and costs.
API testing (using JMeter, Postman or custom tools)

We plan and design test cases, develop and maintain scripts to quickly and efficiently validate software functionality via API and check integrations.

Performance testing

We plan and design test cases, develop and maintain scripts for automated performance tests for all layers of your application and all supporting systems (load balancers, databases, networks, etc.).

Test scripts migration from other platforms

If you have test scripts developed with other frameworks, other frameworks / platforms (e. g., UFT), we can migrate them to Selenium to unify test automation tools and automation testing processes across the company.

CI/CD pipeline implementation

In cooperation with the DevOps teams, we design and implement the continuous integration pipeline, and integrate continuous testing in it to automatically run test after every change in your software. This helps you to deliver new app features even more quickly and efficiently while not compromising on software quality.

Testing center of excellence setup (optional)

We help non-IT enterprises centralize all testing activities in an in-house testing center of excellence (TCoE) to introduce a consolidated company-wide test automation environment. This helps to:

  • Establish, where possible, common software testing tools (test automation frameworks, bug and issue tracking tools).
  • Standardize test coverage and quality metrics.

Find Your Option

SaaS / XaaS Application

Comprehensive testing of your SaaS / XaaS products – streaming software, EHR/EMR, self-service applications (including mobile banking applications), applications for smart connected systems, image analysis software, VoIP and messaging applications and more. We’ll help to protect brand reputation as well as ensure shorter time-to-market with less risks.

Custom Enterprise Application

End-to-end testing of complex enterprise systems (e.g., manufacturing and supply chain management), enterprise mobile applications, portals (vendor/customer portals, self-service portals, and community portals), financial management software and more. We’ll verify they correspond with the established quality requirements and perform at their best.

Platform-Based Solution

Test automation for solutions based on Salesforce, Dynamics 365, Magento, SharePoint, ServiceNow, and other platform. Our dedicated platform testing teams will help to keep your platform-based solutions stable and ensure their seamless evolution.

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Test Automation Tools ScienceSoft Supports

Automated UI testing

Priority tools: 

Automated UI testing priority tools

Also, when requested:

Additional automated UI testing

We provide migration of test scripts from:

Migration of test scripts

API testing

API testing

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