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Alena Madden (Nikuliak)

I help ScienceSoft’s customers from the healthcare sphere get relevant IT solutions that meet their needs with max value for business.
Senior Business Analyst and Healthcare IT Consultant, ScienceSoft

Before starting her career in the IT sphere, Alena had been working as Senior International Sales Manager for 4 years. Her responsibilities included conducting top-level talks and needs analysis, and composing of proposals and international contracts. The gained experience greatly influenced Alena's professional development and helped her become a highly professional business analyst in the IT field.

Alena Madden joined ScienceSoft in 2013 as Middle Business Analyst and has worked her way up to become Senior Business Analyst and Healthcare IT Consultant.

Alena is involved in digitally transforming healthcare organizations by bringing together the latest trends from the clinical and technological realms. She also helps companies who develop medical software and devices to elaborate their healthcare-driven ideas and bring to life innovative healthcare concepts all the way up to a functional solution.

When working with enterprise customers, Alena bridges the gap between healthcare business stakeholders and the tech team. Her deep knowledge of the healthcare domain allows her to dive deep into customers’ internal processes, be they doctor-patient interactions, medication management or reimbursement claiming. Alena identifies pain spots, elicits requirements, and finds tech solutions most able to meet them.

During her career at ScienceSoft, Alena has taken part in 20+ successful projects connected to such industries as healthcare, retail, and telecommunications. The one that Alena is particularly proud of is the development of all-in-one multi module healthcare management software that covers all aspects of senior living. The solution provides customer relationship management, electronic heath records, electronic medication administration records, health information exchange, dashboards and much more.

Alena Madden shares her experience gladly by publishing articles related to healthcare software development on ScienceSoft’s blog. In her recent articles, Alena gives an overview of the benefits of lab inventory management software and explains why billing software is a vital instrument for medical labs.

Working on healthcare IT projects, I feel involved in creating the future, where medical care is as accessible and comfortable as possible.

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