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ISO 12052-Compliant DICOM File Generation and Sharing Software Delivered in 4 Months

ISO 12052-Compliant DICOM File Generation and Sharing Software Delivered in 4 Months

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ScienceSoft created a technical design and built a DICOM file generation and sharing module for RIVANNA’s ultrasound scanners software. The solution fully meets the requirements of the ISO 12052 standard.


The Customer is RIVANNA, a medical device manufacturer headquartered in Virginia, US. RIVANNA provides cutting-edge ultrasound medical devices and complementary imaging solutions for clinician assistance. The company operates an FDA-registered and ISO 13485:2016-certified manufacturing facility.

When developing desktop software for its portable ultrasound device, RIVANNA needed to implement a back-end module to convert ultrasound scans into DICOM image format and share the DICOM files with the PACS (picture archiving and communication system). To deliver the module on time and without costly reworks, RIVANNA sought a technology partner proficient in healthcare IT, medical imaging, and DICOM standard. Trusting ScienceSoft’s decades-long experience in the field, RIVANNA hired our team for the project.

Discovery Phase and Development of a DICOM Software Module

We agreed with RIVANNA that the project would begin with a discovery phase. ScienceSoft’s three leading healthcare software engineers assessed the feasibility of the project requirements and timeframes and made sure the functionality could be delivered on time and cover the desired scope.

To recommend RIVANNA the optimal tech stack for the project, our team evaluated market-available DICOM image generation toolkits and frameworks. ScienceSoft chose the Fellow Oak DICOM toolkit as it best suited the Customer’s needs and fully complied with ISO 12052 requirements. RIVANNA’s tech team approved the approach and gave the green light to proceed with the development.

To code and implement the DICOM software module, ScienceSoft assembled a self-managed team of a project manager, a senior .NET developer, and a middle .NET developer. At the early development stages, RIVANNA’s tech lead conducted a knowledge transfer to ScienceSoft’s team, sharing the ultrasound device specifics and its image generation process. Throughout the project, we maintained regular communication, including sync meetings twice a month and monthly project demos.

Adam Dixon, VP of Engineering at RIVANNA, says:

Working with ScienceSoft was a pleasure from A to Z. Their deep knowledge of the healthcare industry specifics and DICOM standard helped us create the back end of the software for our ultrasound scanner.

We are grateful for their can-do attitude, responsiveness, and straightforward communication. RIVANNA already witnessed tangible benefits of our cooperation. We have more projects to come and are looking forward to working with ScienceSoft again.

The Functionality of the DICOM Software Module for Ultrasound Scanners

RIVANNA’s technical team developed the desktop software for ultrasound scanners and implemented integrations between the back end, scanners, and PACS. ScienceSoft was fully responsible for low-level programming of the DICOM image generation and sharing module. Four months after the project launch, RIVANNA got the DICOM file generation functionality that works as follows:

  • The software module receives an ultrasound scan (in the default image format) and metadata (e.g., patient ID, image parameters).
  • The ultrasound scan is converted into a DICOM file according to the requirements of the ISO 12052 standard.

As of July 2023, ScienceSoft is developing the DICOM file-sharing functionality (interaction with the PACS). It covers the following features:

  • Sharing generated DICOM files to the PACS.
  • Verifying DICOM file accuracy after generation and uploading (checking if metadata is filled in correctly, if the file name follows the required format, if the file was uploaded successfully, etc.)

During the development, ScienceSoft identified and handled DICOM file generation and uploading issues, such as incorrect metadata of the DICOM files, improper bit depth of images, etc.

The full-fledged DICOM file generation and sharing module will be ready in two months, fully in line with RIVANNA’s project plan.

Key Value for RIVANNA

  • An optimal technical design for the DICOM file generation and sharing module based on the market-available Fellow Oak DICOM toolkit, leading to cost and time savings for RIVANNA.
  • Delivery of the DICOM file generation module in just 4 months.
  • The ability to launch the module within the initially planned release schedule thanks to ScienceSoft’s mature project management practices and proficiency with DICOM.
  • Full ISO 12052 compliance of the solution.

Technologies, Tools, and Standards

.NET 6.0, .NET MAUI/WinUI 3, Fellow Oak DICOM toolkit, DICOM, ISO 12052.

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