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In software QA consulting for 17 years, ScienceSoft has developed the skills and the knowledge base for our QA experts to step in to help companies detect QA problems and set up or reshape project processes to make sure quality is observed at each SDLC stage. We review the existing QA processes and optimize them for a product, a particular project or an entire company.

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Software QA Consulting: When We Can Help

We serve companies that:

  • Have no structured QA process at all.
  • Expand their business.
  • Experience an increase in the workload.
  • Experience slowdown due to bottlenecks (structural problems, ineffective communication or task allocation, etc.).
  • Seek to streamline their QA methodologies.
  • Seek to reduce costs through QA outsourcing.
  • Plan to get an industry and/or process certification and more (see below).

Why you need QA consulting

Flexible Cooperation Models

QA strategy development

QA strategy development

Our QA consultants:

  • Examine the situation.
  • Propose an action plan for you to review.
  • Implement the proposed measures you have accepted.
  • Transfer knowledge and best practices to your QA team.
  • Supervise the setup process and address possible issues (a temporary measure).

QA process and project audit

QA process audit and/or QA project audit

Our QA consultants:

  • Examine the situation.
  • Recommend an action plan.

QA aid

QA process improvement

Sometimes, your team understands the problem (many defects missed, stably high testing cost, faulty dev-QA collaboration, and more), but the attempted recovery measures don’t work. In this case, we:

  • Examine the problem in detail.
  • Work out possible solutions and analyze them.
  • Analyze risks for each proposed solution.
  • Apply the most suitable solution.



Our specialists are ready to help you pass process and/or product certification. We offer pre-certification for:

  • Product standards and regulations: HIPAA, GAMP, PCI-DSS.
  • Process standards: ISO9000, ISO/IEC/IEEE 29119-3:2013.

To help you achieve your certification goals, we:

  • Examine your product/project or processes.
  • Test them against the required standard or regulation.
  • Identify problems that may hamper certification.
  • Recommend an action plan.
  • Support your team in implementing the recommended plan.

QA Consulting Process

ScienceSoft’s specialists follow a comprehensive approach to software quality assurance consulting. The key QA consulting stages are:


Project get-in


Analysis and planning





QA consulting process

QA Consulting with ScienceSoft: Results

Benefits of QA consulting in ScienceSoft

QA Consulting: Why ScienceSoft?

ISTQB certification of testing engineers

  • 17 years in software QA consulting
  • Senior-level ISTQB certified QA consultants
  • Expertise in QA backed by professional domain knowledge in the following fields:
    • Information technologies
    • Retail
    • Banking
    • Accounting
    • Healthcare
    • Manufacturing
    • Telecom
    • Public sector
    • Media and entertainment, and more
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