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MS Dynamics CRM Module Testing for a Global Car Dealer Software Provider

MS Dynamics CRM Module Testing for a Global Car Dealer Software Provider

Information Technology, Logistics & Transportation
Dynamics CRM


The Customer is a multinational company based in Germany. The Customer provides cutting-edge enterprise software products and services to automotive industry players and car dealers. Represented in over 100 countries, the company serves nearly 100,000 end users and 4,000 dealerships selling over 60 brands globally.


The Customer decided to enhance their proprietary Microsoft Dynamics CRM system with a new trade-in module. This module had to enable car dealers to track car owners interested in giving their old vehicles in exchange for monetary compensation. For this matter, the module needed an in-built search feature that detected potential clients on car owner forums. The Customer required comprehensive testing efforts to make sure the new MS Dynamics module worked well in their target regions. The Customer had already successfully cooperated with ScienceSoft in Microsoft Dynamics CRM testing, so they turned to the company again.

The project posed several challenges for the testing team:

  • Short time frame (2 months).
  • The new module had to be seamlessly connected with the accounting module.
  • Interaction with the new module had to be available to a restricted group of users.
  • Testing of a new in-built search function required a specific approach.
  • The module had to support three target languages.


ScienceSoft’s manual testing team joined efforts with the project team and successfully followed the adopted Agile methodology with 2-week iterations. The testing team seamlessly communicated with other project team members (BAs, developers, sales reps, etc.) to ensure a good understanding of the project workflows. The testing team used this knowledge for developing the test plan and designing test cases. The team performed:

  • Detailed functional testing (about 300 test cases) and in-built search testing to assure compliance with project requirements. To test the search function, the team applied positive, negative and boundary condition test cases (max and min query length, queries with specific symbols, etc.) relying on the available project requirements and the developers’ input.
  • Regression testing to assure that the new features didn’t hamper workflows or break the existing ones. Regression testing was performed after every iteration.
  • Role-based access testing to assure that the interaction with the new module was possible only for the specified groups of users.
  • Component integration testing to assure that the new module and the active accounting module adequately processed the relevant queries.
  • Localization testing to assure that the product would work well in the three target languages.

Due to good organization and intercommunication, the testing team was able to meet the tight deadline and complete the work in two months.


ScienceSoft’s testing team thoroughly tested the new module of the Customer’s proprietary Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Testing assured that:

  • The new Microsoft Dynamics CRM module was fully functional.
  • The new module interacted smoothly with the accounting module according to the established workflows.
  • The new module was rendered adequately in the three target languages.

Technologies and Tools

Microsoft Test Manager, Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

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