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The Financial Times Names ScienceSoft USA corporation among Americas’ Fastest Growing Companies 2022

In their rating, the Financial Times has celebrated 500 companies with the strongest revenue growth.

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Tatiana Bessonova

Tatiana Bessonova

I plan and manage QA and testing activities in ScienceSoft’s ecommerce projects.
Test Manager and QA Consultant,

With the background in mathematics and programming and 14 years of overall experience in IT, Tatiana has been leading ScienceSoft’s ecommerce testing projects since 2010.

Starting her journey at ScienceSoft with a complex and long-lasting project, Tatiana showed herself as an excellent test engineer with prominent analytical skills and attention to detail, which streamlined her professional growth and resulted in Tatiana’s being appointed Test Manager.

Throughout her career, Tatiana has led the number of testing projects and developed particularly strong expertise in ecommerce testing. One of the recent projects Tatiana has headed is managed testing of an ecommerce solution built on Magento for a US multi-industry corporation.

Tatiana shares her expertise in ecommerce testing in the articles she writes for ScienceSoft’s QA and testing blog. For example, she has created a director’s guide to effective ecommerce testing.

Software testing is a form of art embracing theory, tooling, and the capabilities of human consciousness.

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Director’s Guide to Effective Ecommerce Testing

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