Sciencesoft is an IBM SECURITY PARTNER

ScienceSoft has proved itself to be a trusted partner for proceeding with a long-term relationship.

James Bowerman,
Director Compliance Product Development, IBM


IBM Gold Business Partner - ScienceSoft

  • One of IBM Security partners with 12+ years of cooperation
  • Gold PartnerWorld Status since 2017
  • IBM accredited competency in Security Operations and Response with Expert level


  • Deploy and fine-tune the IBM QRadar SIEM, IBM Resilient and IBM Guardium platforms.
  • Provide licensing on our proprietary application QLean for QRadar SIEM 
  • Deploy and fine-tune our proprietary SIEM solution ScienceSoftSIEM based on QRadar SIEM.

Information Security Products - ScienceSoft


What we achieved being an IBM Gold Business Partner in information security consulting:


Co-development of IBM’s official guide to migration from TSIEM (Tivoli Security Information and Event Manager) to QRadar SIEM.


Development of QRadar based antifraud solution.


Development of QLean for QRadar SIEM system


Joining IBM Security App Exchange community


Development of ScienceSoftSIEM, our proprietary SIEM platform based on IBM QRadar SIEM

Our project portfolio highlights in Security Information and Event Management (SIEM):


Our achievements as an IBM Security Partner have provided a solid base for future cooperation. Now, ScienceSoft aims at expanding project portfolio employing IBM security solutions, such as IBM Guardium, IBM Resilient, IBM SIGI (Security Identity Governance and Intelligence).


ScienceSoft constantly invests into its information security consultants

ScienceSoft constantly invests into its information security consultants.

We realize that our status of an IBM Gold Business Partner demands high-level competence of our information security consultants. Our company ensures that all of them are certified as IBM security professionals and have opportunity to participate in conferences, training programs and workshops related to information security.

ScienceSoft treats each customer individually

ScienceSoft treats each customer individually.

Our competent consultants demonstrate deep knowledge of IBM security platform and understanding of customers’ specific needs. Therefore, they are able to offer platform-based solutions customized to individual customer requirements.

ScienceSoft offers proprietary solutions

ScienceSoft offers proprietary solutions.

Since ScienceSoft became one of IBM Security partners, we’ve already released two proprietary products on the basis of IBM QRadar SIEM solution.

QLean - the most advanced QRadar health check and LEAN SOC automation solution to proactively improve system quality and maintenance.

ScienceSoftSIEM - a QRadar based SIEM platform enhanced with self-diagnostics and self-optimization features for 24/7 real-time APT, fraud and insider threat detection.


Geographical scope of our customers in information security includes North America, Europe, the Persian Gulf region and Africa.


We implement our information security projects across multiple industries including Banking and Finance, Healthcare, Public Sector, Retail, Telecom, Oil & Gas and more.

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